Ways to Ease Dental Anxiety

  • Posted on: Apr 15 2017

Dental Anxiety Atlantic City PleasantvilleYou may have read on other dental office sites that patient comfort is a priority. But what does that really mean? If you are a person who struggles with dental anxiety, you want to see the proof of this priority. You want to feel it when you call to make your dental appointment, when you walk into the office, and when you are escorted to the treatment room. Dental anxiety is a very real, and very important issue to address, and we are happy to do so in whatever ways we can.

Just talk with us about your feelings of apprehension, your preferences, or your past dental experiences so we know how to help.

First and foremost, know that the team at Mainland Dental Associates understands that there are patients for whom seeing the dentist is nearly impossible. We make no judgment and have no expectation that dental treatment should be easy for everyone. We work with you to create a method of care that feels comfortable and, most of all, doable.

In addition to obtaining care from a dentist you trust, there are other ways that researchers say you can minimize your stress levels before and during dental visits. These include:

  1. Listen to your favorite music! Science has shown over and over again that music eases our stress; and this doesn’t mean having to endure boring Baroque melodies, Beethoven, or even music you would hear in a spa. If Billy Joel floats your boat, or even the latest rap music, tune in. Not only will the sounds in your ears mitigate stress, but your tunes will also override the sounds of the dental office, further calming your nerves.
  2. Don’t miss a visit. One of the reasons that dental anxiety can be so difficult to overcome is because it creates a vicious cycle. You don’t like to see the dentist, so you avoid making that routine checkup appointment. Without professional assessment and cleaning, plaque builds up on and around your teeth. Then, the toothache starts. You know the drill. If you want to get a better handle on dental anxiety, don’t let yourself skip out on routine care. The more regularly we see you, the less likely we are to find problems.
  3. Snack well. What do snacks have to do with your dental visits? A lot! According to reports, certain foods, like herbal tea and walnuts, actually reduce stress. So, munch away! Just brush your teeth after.

If you have questions about dental sedation or want to schedule your visit, call our Atlantic City or Pleasantville office.

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