Tooth Replacement Treatments Compared

Patients with missing or damaged teeth have many adequate options for restoring their smile. However, when all things are compared, we believe that dental implants clearly provide the best treatment option available. Bridges and dentures provide the most basic function and appearance benefits. But these options cannot match the amazing qualities afforded by dental implants.

If you choose to take advantage of the procedures offered at Mainland Dental Associates, we would be more than happy to share all the details you need to make the best choice for your oral health and appearance. Here are some additional details about how implants stack up against the competition.

Improve Your Smile One Tooth At A Time

One of the first things other people notice about us is our smile. Consequently, if you are hiding a less-than-perfect smile, chances are you are not leaving a good first impression. Want to change this? Most patients who replace their missing teeth with dental implants find that they have dramatically improved the quality and health of their smile. In fact, most restorations fit in so seamlessly with remaining natural teeth that they are virtually indistinguishable to friends and family.

Alternatively, dental bridges and dentures often cause many significant limitations. Dentures can move, click, and slip, revealing that your teeth are not real. Bridges can cause gum recession and can be hard to keep clean. These treatments can also be uncomfortable, making it hard to smile, speak, or eat with comfort and confidence.

Prevent Further Damage To Your Smile

Dental bridges and dentures may let you chew and smile again, but they can also damage your teeth further. In fact, when you choose dental bridges, adjacent teeth must be irreversibly filed down. This removes layers of the enamel which are meant to keep teeth safe from decay or damage. It can also mean that gums recede and jawbone begins to deteriorate.

Denture wearers often have similar problems. Because they sit on top of your jawbone and gums, this option cannot prevent deterioration of the jawbone, which will weaken your oral structure and cause both a sunken facial appearance and wrinkles around the mouth.

Enhanced Confidence And Tooth Function

If you are missing teeth, you know that the loss of function and appearance can cause a loss of confidence in your smile. Because dental implants never loosen or move, you can smile and speak with ease, secure in the knowledge that others will not know your teeth are not completely natural.

Unfortunately, dentures and dental bridges do not offer the same level of security for your smile. Because they slip, pinch, and move, these alternatives can leave patients worried and lacking confidence in both the appearance and function of their smile. This can impact your quality of life and cause undue anxiety, stress, and embarrassment.

Finding The Best Treatment For Your Needs

Damage, decay, and neglect are serious problems that can compromise the health of your smile. Additionally, these common imperfections can weaken your teeth, compromise the root structure, and necessitate tooth removal. Dental implants can reduce, eliminate, or improve these common ailments while restoring the health of your smile.

Fortunately, options like the Prettau® Implant Bridge can offer a superior alternative to dental bridges or dentures. With this wonderful product, you can replace a single tooth or multiple teeth all at once. This will allow patients to preserve their oral health, prevent oral health problems, keep natural teeth healthy, and build a strong, functional smile.

Enhance Your Smile Today With Dental Implants

After comparing the most popular options in Atlantic County and beyond, dental implants are clearly a superior tooth restoration treatment over bridges and dentures. If you would like to learn more about improving your oral health and appearance by replacing missing or damaged teeth, we encourage you to contact our office and schedule a no-obligation consultation with Mainland Dental Associates.

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