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  • Posted on: Dec 30 2018

It is the film-like substance called dental plaque that you can put the blame on for tooth decay and gum disease, along with consequences of both. At Stamford Dental Group, LLC, it is our priority to keep your oral health at a high level, and that means addressing dental plaque effectively.

Sugar is a favorite of many people. And you can find it in so many of the foods and drinks that you have every single day. Unfortunately, sugar is also the catalyst for the formation of dental plaque. And that means not just candy, cake, and soda, but also bread, rice, and potatoes. Starches also act like sugars when it come to dental plaque. You don’t have to give up all sugar and starch. It probably isn’t even possible to eliminate both. But what you can do is have less of them. Every bit counts. You should also visit our Stamford dental office twice per year for a complete oral exam and a teeth cleaning. In between those sessions, be sure to brush your teeth every day. Twice is the minimum, when you wake up and before you go to bed. But if you also do so after meals, you’re really pointed in the right direction. Floss vigorously at bedtime, too. Dislodge those food particles and sticky plaque between your teeth, too. At our Stamford dentist office, the effects of dental plaque are assessed, including with the help of periodic x-rays. And then comes your teeth cleaning. Built up tartar is eliminated, which reduces the chance of new cavities forming. And gum disease? The signs of gingivitis, the early stage, are reversed by a professional cleaning.

Reach out to our Stamford dentist office and let us find a time that is convenient for you to come in for a complete exam and cleaning soon. With attentive oral care, dental plaque will end up out of luck in its efforts to harm your teeth and gums.

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