Simple (surprising) reasons for tooth pain

Your teeth can hurt for lots of reasons, some serious, some not. But it’s always smart to see your dentist if strange, unexplained pain doesn’t resolve itself in a day. Here’s a quick guide to some common but for many, unexpected reasons, your teeth might be giving you pain:

Dental Care in pleasantville and atlantic city NJExercise is good, except when it isn’t

Long, intense (sweaty) exercise sessions where you breathe heavily and don’t sufficiently replenish fluids can be bad for your teeth. Researchers report finding that people who endurance train are at a greater risk of tooth erosion than people who don’t exercise. Dental experts believe it’s due to a lack of saliva experienced when we workout. When the mouth is dry, we’re at risk for cavities because bacteria thrive in a dry mouth.

A cold can make your teeth feel sick

An ache in your teeth when you have a bad cold or during allergy season could be caused by your sinuses. That’s because the sinus floor sits on top of the roof of your teeth. If the sinuses are full, you could experience pain in your upper teeth as well as behind the eyes.

Food, after you eat it

Another benefit of flossing regularly is that it can remove bits of food from getting stuck in your teeth and gums. Flossing can reduce your chance of food-related pain and the potential of forming an abscess.

Sleeping and what your mouth is doing

You might be asleep, but your teeth could be up all night, grinding away. And most people who grind their teeth at night don’t even realize they’re doing it. But in the day time, they could be experiencing headaches, jaw and face pain and even severe tooth pain when they bight down. Grinding can even lead to cracked and broken teeth, which can also cause pain. You dentist may prescribe wearing a mouth guard at night and maybe even Botox injections. Studies have shown that the popular wrinkle reducer can also stop the muscle that moves your jaw from generating such extreme force on your teeth.

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