Signs Of and Treatments For Receding Gums

  • Posted on: Feb 10 2020

Gums (gingivae) play a crucial part in good oral health. Their dense tissue seals our teeth, protects the soft tissues underneath and covers the roots. Gingivae are firmly attached to the jawbone and tightly cover each tooth up to the neck.

The mouth is a complex ecosystem of bacteria; it’s called the oral microbiome. When the bacteria are in balance, gums are protected from kinds of bacteria that cause oral disorders. If that equilibrium becomes upset, pathogens can invade the gum line, cause inflammation and promote periodontal disease. 

If your gums are receding—or if you have any other dental needs—don’t hesitate to turn to the skilled practitioners at the office of Mainland Dental Associates. Our whole team—from our dentists to the support staff—will help keep your smile beautiful. We’re ready to treat you with our top-notch equipment and deep depth of knowledge!

Enlarged spaces between teeth, bad breath, teeth that look longer, bridges or partial dentures that no longer fit well, and sensitivity to cold and heat are some of the signs of receding gums. 

Meanwhile, about 88 percent of people older than 65 have at least one tooth with a receding gum. Other risk factors are genetics, thin gums, physical wear (brushing too vigorously), poor oral hygiene, lip or tongue piercings, misaligned teeth, toothbrushes with hard bristles, diabetes and tobacco products. 

Mild gum recession usually needs no treatment. Your dentist will monitor your gums, and you will employ effective-but-gentle brushing techniques. 

There are options for those who need professional treatment. Your dentist will explain the details of each possibility. 


  • Desensitizing agents, varnishes and dentin bonding agents 
  • Composite restoration
  • Pink porcelain or composite material
  • Removable gum veneers 
  • Orthodontics
  • Surgery

We at the office of Mainland Dental Associates eagerly welcome all of our patients so we can help them achieve their dental goals. Whether it be a routine cleaning or a complex procedure, know that you’ll be in excellent hands. Contact us today!

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