Zirconium Fixed Implant Bridge Pleasantville, NJ

A monolithic zirconium bridge is made up of solid zirconia, which is the hardest material available in dentistry today.

Why is zirconia the ideal substance to use in an implant supported fixed bridge?

  1. Zirconia is virtually unbreakable and won’t chip or crack. It is stronger than acrylic made options.
  2. Zirconia resists bacteria and plaque.
  3. Since zirconia does not allow fluids to penetrate its surface, it does not absorb odors either.
  4. A zirconium implant bridge looks better/ more natural. There are no dark metals to hide and no plastic or acrylic to stain or discolor. Zirconia is tooth colored and can be glazed and stained like porcelain, maintaining its luster and shine.
  5. Zirconia is biocompatible which means no rejection and no allergies.

A zirconium bridge is totally different; it means computer generated CAD/CAM designing and milling the bridge out of an actual solid block of zirconia.

The temporary bridge is also milled and designed out of special hard plastic. This step is unique to any other technique and allows our patients to enjoy wearing a temporary (hard plastic copy of the Zirconium Bridge) which allows us to make sure of the aesthetics and proper function of the bridge.

This technique is the most durable, esthetically pleasing, and predictable in modern dentistry.

Mainland Dental’s 3-D CT scanner allows us to determine the availability of bone for our patients’ dental implants and also allows us to locate with precision those anatomic structures that must be protected.

The future of modern dentistry is available today at Mainland Dental Associates!

Zirconia Bridge NJFrequently asked Questions and Answers on Implants at Mainland Dental:

Does this office routinely place dental implants with a high success rate?

Dr. Mendelsohn and Dr. Zhang surgically place and restore implants on a routine basis. They have treated hundreds of patients.

Does the office use in-office CT scans for implant surgery?

Mainland Dental is equipped with a CT scanner used in all implant cases. These scans allow Dr. Mendelsohn and Dr. Zhang to view in 3-D the patient’s teeth, jaws, and surrounding vital structures, allowing more precise implant placement and greater safety than with x-ray alone.

Does the dentist place and restore implants in the same office?

Both Dr. Mendelsohn and Dr. Zhang are skilled in all phases of surgical implants and bone grafting. Restoring implants after they have placed them, allows the perfect perspective to know precisely where they want the teeth to be for the best possible final results. There is a great advantage in the convenience of one location.

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