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  • Posted on: Feb 2 2019

What you cannot see can most certainly hurt you. Dental plaque is invisible, but it’s a hazard to both your teeth and gums. We at Mainland Dental Associates are your source for the strategies that lead to the prevention of consequences due to dental plaque, along with dealing with any effects in a timely fashion in order to promote long term oral health.

What is dental plaque composed of? Mostly bacteria that has acids in it, which erode tooth enamel, and also irritate, inflame, and infect gums. It is sugar and starch that fuel the growth of it, which makes cutting back on foods and drinks that contain them a good idea. Brushing your teeth is probably the single most important action you can take toward the goal of avoiding cavities and gum disease. Do so as soon as you wake up each day. That coating you feel on your teeth is dental plaque, and the morning breath that is so often talked about is a direct result of it. Brush after meals, and then one last time each day right before you go to bed. At that point, you should also do a thorough flossing, getting between each tooth, and gently massaging your gums. When you combine that with a trip to see our Pleasantville best dentist every six months, you’re really in good shape to make cavities and gum disease occur rarely, if at all. Our Pleasantville best dentist performs a complete oral examination, detecting cavities and treating them before a toothache or infection is likely to occur. And a teeth cleaning will eradicated hardened tartar buildup, making you less prone to new cavities. Cleanings also reverse the signs of early stage gum disease.

Just contact our office and we will schedule an appointment for your next examination and cleaning with our Pleasantville best dentist.

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