Must you Pass on the Coffee to have a Healthy Smile?

teeth whitening in pleasantville nj | atlantic city njThere is something special about a steaming cup of Joe. From the aromatic notes to the deep, rich flavor, coffee is comforting. It’s energizing. Depending on whom you ask, it’s an absolute necessity to a productive day! But what if your overwhelming love for java could be standing in between you and your best smile? Could it be? Well, yes. It is true that coffee can adversely affect your teeth, not to mention your breath. However, we wouldn’t dream of saying you have to part ways with this dear, dear friend. The more you know, the better off your teeth (and your mood) can be.

So What’s the Deal with Coffee?
Coffee stains. Any bit of information you have ever heard about teeth whitening or tooth discoloration probably lists coffee as the very first food or beverage that will stain your teeth. Of course, tea and red wine will, as well, and so will red berries, turmeric, and soda. This is because there are compounds called tannins in coffee, and tannins will settle in beneath the surface of enamel, where they will block light from reflecting the true color of your teeth. The other aspect of coffee that should be recognized is that this beverage is acidic. Acid erodes enamel, which then causes discoloration.

There’s hope!
You don’t need to change your coffee habits too much to preserve your mood, and your teeth. Here are a few things you can do:

  • Cut it short. There’s no denying that sipping the warm goodness that is coffee is something to enjoy. However, there is no need to linger with your drink for hours on end. Sip it. Savor it. Then put it down. This gives your mouth a break.
  • Sip some more. Water, that is. Do this right away after a cup of coffee (or any other staining beverage), and you will literally wash away a good amount of the molecules that could stain or erode your teeth.
  • Make it creamy. This could be a difficult change, especially if you have been taught that fat is bad. There are benefits to healthy fats like those found in whole cream. One of them is that cream binds with tannins, which prevents debris from penetrating enamel.

A coffee-tinged smile doesn’t have to be a product of your coffee habit. We can help you manage oral health, and can revive your smile with teeth whitening. Call Mainland Dental Associates in Atlantic City or Pleasantville.

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