Maximize Cosmetic Dental Work with Injectables

cosmetic dental work in pleasantville and atlantic city njThere are numerous ways in which your dentist can bring out the best in your smile. At Mainland Dental Associates, patients from areas in and around Atlantic City and Pleasantville can trust our experience and training to address concerns ranging from tooth discoloration to crooked, cracked, or missing teeth, and even issues that aren’t related to their teeth at all. We’re talking about injectable solutions like Botox and dermal fillers, and we are excited to discuss what these treatments can do for your smile.

The Role of Injectables

More than a decade ago, the field of aesthetic medicine was changed dramatically. This was because the development of Botox Cosmetic turned plastic surgery on its head. No longer was it necessary to undergo surgery to correct mild to moderate age-related wrinkling and sagging. Botox could now handle these concerns, all in a short office visit; but this product could only do so much. Not long after physicians started using Botox, a number of dermal fillers gained FDA-approval. Like Botox, these products aim to rejuvenate the skin, though they work in a slightly different manner.

Today, it is not only doctors and trained nurse injectors that are performing wonderful work with Botox and fillers. Dentists are also able to obtain the skills necessary to help their patients look and feel their best, and, because your dentist also has in-depth familiarity with the facial structure, there seems no better person to perform injectable treatments!

Injectables and your Smile

As mentioned, there are some smile concerns that occur inside the mouth, which we can correct or disguise using our discernment and artistic ability. Likewise, we can bring out the best in your smile by addressing issues outside of the mouth with injectables.

Typically, Botox is used on the top areas of the face. However, this product, due to its muscle-relaxing action, is an excellent solution to a “gummy smile,” and for bruxism, the condition in which grinding and clenching occur. Most people recognize dermal fillers for their use around the nose and mouth. An additional use for these products is lip augmentation, a safe and gentle procedure that produces immediate results.

Now you have even more reason to look forward to seeing your dentist! Talk with us about our cosmetic treatments during your next visit with our highly-trained team.

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