Implant Supported Bridgework

Can Implant supported bridgework make your smile more beautiful?


Can Implant supported bridgework increase your confidence?


dental-implants-pleasantville-new-jerseyBut did you know that implant supported bridgework can do so much more than just make a cosmetic difference? Implant supported bridgework can have a significantly positive impact on your health. In fact, studies indicate there is a seven year increase in life expectancy with patient who have implant supported bridgework over patients who wear dentures! I’d say seven years is a significant impact!

How does implant supported bridgework have such an impact on your health? That’s easy to explain. It allows you to chew more efficiently. Studies indicate chewing efficiently is extremely important to a healthy life. How well we chew our food impacts the entire digestive process. Proper chewing reduces food to a digestible size while, at the same time, the mouth, esophagus and stomach secrete the proper juices for digestion. Chewing efficiency is affected directly by how much of our teeth or bridgework are affixed to our jawbone.

Let me break it down statically:

A patient with all their natural teeth chews 100% efficiency

A patient with no teeth and no dentures, obviously is at 0%

A patient with the upper and lower dentures chews at 20% efficiency compared to a patient with their natural teeth

A patient with Implant Overdentures (offered at Mainland Dental) chews at 60% efficiency compared to a patient with their natural teeth

A patient with Implant Supported Bridgework (offered at Mainland Dental) chews at 90% efficiency compared to a patient with their natural teeth!

If a more beautiful smile, new found confidence, better digestive health and a possibility of seven years added to your life is not enough to convince you that implant overdenture or implant supported bridgework is something you should consider, then let me add that the long term success rate of both these processes is proving to be one of the best success rates in medicine today. The eight year success rate of full arch implant supported restorations has been listed as 99.18% and since reparative procedures have allowed 100% of any problems to be fixed, the eight year success rate is actually 100%! So consider implant overdentures or implant supported bridgework not just to look your best but to feel and be your best as well!

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