Don’t Miss the Signs of Gum Disease

  • Posted on: Nov 15 2017

Periodontal Disease Pleasantville, NJHow is it that one of the most common oral problems seen around the world is also one of the least noticeable? When you think about it, the subtle nature of inflammation and infection in the mouth is probably the exact reason why so many people go years without the care they need to resolve a very treatable problem. The fact that gum disease affects upwards of 80% of adults at some point – or multiple points – in their lifetime shows us just how delicate oral health can be. Here, we want to discuss the benefit of seeing the early warning signs of this condition.

Early Indicators of a Potentially Serious Problem

We can easily overlook the mild cues that point to inflammation in the gums around teeth such as:

  • Teeth were appearing longer (indicating gum recession).
  • Mild sensitivity to cold (also from gum recession).
  • The difficulty was resolving bad breath.
  • Puffiness or redness around teeth.
  • Increased space in between teeth.
  • Bleeding when brushing or flossing.

Why Recognition is Important

Gum disease can progress into a very big problem; one that results in tooth loss and even subsequent health problems if we’re not careful. How unfortunate to suffer steep consequences of oral disease when inflamed, infected gums can be treated. The earlier that treatment occurs, the better because there is the potential for a cure if bacteria are removed before extensive damage has been done.

When we see the early indications of inflammation and notice a deepening of the space between teeth and gums, we act quickly to cleanse the area with proven techniques. It is at this time when scaling and root planing may be advantageous in reducing inflammation. In some cases, a topical medication may be administered into the pockets around teeth to inhibit bacterial activity after a deep cleaning.

We understand that most people do not like the sound of a deep periodontal cleaning. However, we also know that scaling and root planing may be the best way to prevent the need for full periodontal surgery at a later date. If you need periodontal treatment, know that the team at Mainland Dental Associates prioritizes comfort. Talk with us about our techniques and treatments during your visit to our Pleasantville or Atlantic City office.

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