Dental Implants FAQS

Here at Mainland Dental Associates, we know that our Atlantic County patients may have questions about their options and why dental implants may be better than other tooth replacement treatments. Our knowledgeable staff created this page of useful information to answer as many of these common questions as possible. Hopefully we have answered all of your questions below. If for some reason we are missing one or two, please feel free to give us a call and our specially trained staff will do their best to assist you.

What are dental implants and how can they help me?

A dental implant is a permanent and natural-looking tooth replacement option that uses a titanium tooth root which is attached to the jawbone. Once the artificial root or fixture piece has healed, it will support your natural-looking and highly functional replacement tooth.

I have several missing teeth, what is the best replacement option for me?

Your first step should always be to schedule a consultation at Mainland Dental Associates. This initial exam will allow you and your doctor to explore all your options and determine if dental implants are the right tooth replacement procedure for you and if you are a good candidate for implants.

What are the advantages to choosing dental implants?

Other options provide basic tooth function but not much else. Alternatively, dental implants are permanent, strong, and the most natural-looking of all the options. They also help improve oral health and are the only option that strengthens jaw muscles and reduces jawbone deterioration. So if you would like to talk, smile, and eat with comfort, try dental implants!

Can any dental provider place my dental implants?

You will find that many professionals say that they can place dental implants. However, patients should always research their provider before choosing to use them for dental implant placement. The reason for this is that only a qualified and experienced dental implant provider can ensure that your dental implants are properly placed and that they last for many decades.

How long will my dental implants last?

Dental implants are the most durable and longest lasting tooth replacement option. Additionally, since implants are permanently placed, they can last many decades when cared for as recommended.

How long will the dental implants procedure take?

Dental implant placement usually takes approximately three to six months. However, complete treatment times typically vary from patient to patient depending on dental health, overall patient health, and if supplemental procedures are needed.

How can I keep my dental implants clean and healthy?

One of the best parts about dental implants is that they require very little extra care or maintenance besides normal brushing and flossing. Additionally, your new dental implants can be examined and cleaned while you are seeing your dentist for regular examinations and cleanings.

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