Is Cosmetic Dentistry Good for your Health?

  • Posted on: Sep 15 2017

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Health and wellness are important topics of discussion among adults of all ages. We hear about how we can care for children to reduce risks of obesity and the troubles that go along with it. We hear about how we can do everything from losing weight to cut our heart-disease risk by eating well. In the dental world, it is not uncommon to hear about new evidence linking the oral disease to other serious health conditions. But cosmetic dentistry? Where does this fit into overall well-being?

Mainland Dental Associates is a family-centered practice in which patients can obtain the general care they need to manage oral health. We also offer cosmetic treatments that may do more than you would imagine.

Cosmetic Dentistry can Pull Double-Duty

There is a tendency to perceive cosmetic procedures as singular in purpose. This limits the potential benefit of care. Let’s look at a few procedures that fall into the cosmetic category, but that also provide structural benefit.

  • Tooth-colored fillings. In recent years, more dentists have begun to turn away from the use of dental amalgam. This phasing out is two-fold; related to the potential risks of mercury as well as the obvious cosmetic implications of silver fillings. A tooth-colored filling is aesthetically pleasing, yes, but this method of restorative care has also been shown to strengthen a tooth rather than just fill a cavity.
  • Dental implants are often discussed for the natural appearance that is achieved through this tooth-replacement process. Even more, importantly than giving a patient back a natural-looking smile, implant treatment restores the highest degree of chewing and speaking function. Finally, the stimulation that is needed for bone regeneration is not diminished when roots are replaced with these tiny posts.

Let’s Talk about the Value of an Attractive Smile

Even if dental treatment involves a process such as teeth whitening or porcelain veneers, two treatments that hold little functional value, there is a lot to gain.

Research studies have suggested that the aesthetic improvements achieved through cosmetic dental treatment not only boosts a person’s general sense of confidence, and thus well-being, but that patients also develop interesting new habits. When a person invests time and money into a smile makeover, even teeth whitening, the desire to keep the smile healthy and attractive increases. Oral care often improves after cosmetic treatment, which provides long-term gains in health and wellness.

Have you been putting off the cosmetic dentistry treatment you’d like? Stop waiting, and start loving your smile. Call our Atlantic City or Pleasantville office for friendly care.

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