Caring for the Aging Smile Made Easier with These Strategies

  • Posted on: Jan 29 2018

Home Care Pleasantville, NJAt Mainland Dental Associates, we enjoy working with patients from areas including Pleasantville and Egg Harbor Township to help them prevent unpleasant dental conditions. One of the ways we do this is by conducting thorough examinations and cleanings at regular intervals. These visits may seem routine, but there is more going on than you may imagine.

Dentistry isn’t just about checking and cleaning teeth and repairing them when necessary. We value getting to know our patients. In so doing, we can identify when their oral care needs change. It may seem as though we are in a lifelong battle against cavities and gum disease, and that the habits needed to fight these conditions remain the same throughout life. We hear time and time again that we should brush and floss our teeth to keep them healthy. This is only the foundation of oral care. Beyond that, we must recognize special needs as they arise.

Specific Strategies Beneficial to Older Adults

As we age, things change. We can all agree on that. The body changes in appearance. We have traded growing pains for the aches and pains of aging joints. Even the mouth changes with age. According to one study, plaque and tartar become harder to remove once we reach 50 years of age. To be 50 isn’t even considered being a “senior!” This tells us that we need to start taking a little extra care of our smile long before we might consider ourselves an older adult. How we do that may look different for everyone.

Oral Health Practices for Maximum Efficiency

What we aim to do with daily oral care is remove plaque and debris from teeth, gums, and hidden spaces. We do this by brushing and flossing, practices that might get difficult as our hands begin to stiffen and ache. To maximize oral care, experts suggest:

  • Brush with an electric toothbrush. Both electric and sonic toothbrushes do the work for us, making this practice easier on the hands –  and on the mouth.
  • Use a water irrigator or flossing tool that eliminates the need to hold a tiny string of floss between the fingers.
  • Clean dentures daily and with a gentle technique such as soaking in an appropriate solution and brushing with a special denture brush.

Aging doesn’t have to mean losing out on the highest quality of life. For personal smile support from a friendly dental team, call Mainland Dental Associates in Pleasantville or Atlantic City.


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