California with Dr. Lee

Why did Dr. Ira Mendelsohn and Dr. Ethan Zhang travel all the way to San Diego, California for an entire week to work with Dr. Stan Lee? Who is Dr. Stan Lee?

Dr. Stan Lee is a Harvard graduate with a doctorate in Medical Science and a certificate of Periodontology from Harvard. He is the inventor of the cutting edge Crestal Window Sinus Graft Technique; he is also the President of the International Academy of Dental Implantology. Those are impressive credentials to be sure, but Drs. Mendelsohn and Zhang are both Fellows in the International Congress of Oral Implantology themselves, so why travel across the country?

Drs. Mendelsohn and Zhang enjoyed their time with Dr. Lee placing implants in patients who could not otherwise have afforded the procedure. And there is no doubt that their desire to stay on top of the latest cutting edge technology drives them to mentor with Dr. Lee. Their patients will surely reap the benefits.

Drs. Mendelsohn and Zhang worked with the latest advancements in Bone Regeneration (GBR). GBR allows treatment of patients with advanced bone loss who need implants. This includes treating sensitive teeth due to recession of the gingiva (gums, causing the roots to be exposed in tissue regeneration (GTR).

PRF is another of the latest cutting edge treatments that Dr. Mendelsohn and Dr. Zhang have brought home to their patients at Mainland Dental. PRF stands for platelet rich fibrin; it is a by-product of your own blood, rich in platelets. It is a fibrin matrix with platelets, growth factors and cells that can be released to act as a resorbable membrane. PRF has been used for some time now in hospitals to accelerate the body’s own healing process but it has only recently been adapted for use in dentistry. PRF is completely safe. There can be no more fear of disease transmission or a reaction because it is made from your own blood. We draw a small amount of blood required during your office visit and then centrifuge it. PRF is the second generation of platelet concentrate used to promote wound healing, bone regeneration and graft stabilization. This fibrin matrix is organized to efficiently direct stem cell migration to the healing process. We are excited to be using PRF during our implant procedures.

There are a lot of exciting new things happening at Mainland Dental!

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