Broken Tooth? Why a Dental Implant may be your Best Option.

Dental implant in pleasantville and altantic NJCracks, chips, and full breaks to teeth can be unexpected surprises you would rather not face. If such an event does occur, know that the team at Mainland Dental Associates is here to help you. Broken teeth, whether at the front or back of the mouth, should be restored in order to prevent infection near the root. Depending on the extent of the injury, it may be necessary to extract the tooth and replace it with a dental implant and crown. The immediate placement of an implant after extraction means no time is spent without that tooth, and much more.

The Old Way

Historically, teeth at the front of the mouth have been repaired with crowns and dental bridges. That is, until dental implants were developed. There are unique concerns related to both crowns and bridges at the front of the mouth. One of them is the loss of bone structure that occurs more quickly when the root is absent. Teeth roots are settled into the jawbone, where they gain stabilization. Conversely, roots also send force from chewing into the bone, stimulating regeneration. Bone loss is one of the fundamental issues faced by individuals lacking teeth roots.

Bridgework relies on teeth adjacent to a gap for the stabilization of an artificial tooth. That means two natural teeth need to be covered with crowns. The placement of a crown over natural structure is likely to inhibit natural nuances like translucency and light reflection. These attributes are necessary for the smile to look natural, and should be retained whenever possible.

The New Way

The benefits of the dental implant process are as noticeable at the back of the mouth as they are the front. This is primarily due to the natural feel achieved through root replacement. For front teeth, dental implants are ideal because this approach eliminates the need to alter and cover two natural teeth. Additionally, the continued stimulation of bone tissue decreases the risk that breakdown of the jawbone will degrade the appearance of the smile.

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