80 is the New 50! What Does That Mean for Your Smile?

senior dental care in pleasantville and atlantic city NJAt the turn of the 20th century, a person was not expected to live far beyond the age of 50. Today, a large majority of adults are making it well past this age. 80 truly is the new 50, but what does this mean for your smile?
Managing the Needs of your Smile

Chances are, you have heard at least once in your life that you should brush your teeth twice a day. The fact of the matter is brushing for two minutes morning and night cannot only keep you from uncomfortable dental problems, but it can also help you manage issues like discoloration and unnecessary damage such as a broken tooth. Additionally, threading that floss really is a necessity if you want to keep your gums looking and feeling good.

Turning to your Dentist for Help

In the past several decades, dentistry has undergone an immense evolution. Today, there are several ways in which your dentist can help you bring out what nature intended.

Teeth whitening. Who doesn’t love the idea of making a statement with their smile? The fact is, we do this even if our teeth aren’t all that dazzling. Professional teeth whitening expedites the removal of unattractive stains that accumulate on surface enamel. While you may turn to any number of commercial products, research shows that a large majority of DIY methods fail to achieve the desired transformation. To regain optimal brightness, put your discoloration in the hands of your trusted dental team.

Dental veneers. Unfortunately, not all cosmetic dental concerns revolve around the shade of enamel. Fortunately, however, a large portion of these concerns can be disguised behind ultra thin sheets of porcelain. We may suggest dental veneers for problems such as cracks or gaps. It is also possible to hide poor positioning, such as a tooth that has shifted or turned. We understand the necessity for natural appearance and a lifetime of beauty. With good care, it is possible to enjoy all the benefits of porcelain veneers for 20 years or more.

In addition to focused cosmetic dental treatments, Mainland Dental Associates is also mindful of the materials and techniques employed to repair tooth damage. We are proud to offer metal free restorations and fillings to patients desiring the most natural aesthetic.

We are here to help you create and maintain the smile of your dreams. Schedule your visit with us in Pleasantville or Atlantic City.

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