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senior dental care in pleasantville and atlantic city njDentistry may seem like an “old shoe” routine. We check, we clean, we repeat this process every six months. Sometimes, we throw in a repair here and there. It may not seem so, but your dentist understands that there are specific needs that may arise in each age group. The good news is that adults are now keeping their natural teeth longer. There really is no opposite, or bad news. The other good news is that dental technologies are making it possible for us to provide the utmost support to patients at every age!

Some of the concerns we quickly address (and try to prevent!) include:
1.Cavities. After childhood, most adults notice that they get a reprieve from the problem of cavities, at least for a few decades. After the age of 50, some may experience a resurgence of cavities. This is not because they have developed a sweet-tooth. Most often, it is related to dry mouth. There are a number of reasons for dry mouth. It could be a side effect of medication or diabetes, or it could be that a morning coffee habit or alcohol consumption is not handled well by oral mucosa. Drinking plenty of water could mitigate risks, as can routine care from your dentist.
2.Gum disease. There are numerous factors that can increase an adult’s risk of gum disease. For instance, diabetics have a difficult time managing gum health. Smokers, as well, are at a significantly higher risk due to poor oxygenation of oral tissue. Regular visits with your dentist are vital if you want to catch the progressive infection early enough to prevent irreversible damage.
3.Tooth loss. Interestingly enough, gum disease is the leading reason why adults lose their natural teeth. While we prefer to focus on helping each of our patients avoid this problem by keeping them in optimal oral health, we also perform tooth replacement in a manner that meets the need for stability, natural beauty, and comfort.

Mainland Dental Associates provides friendly, professional care in Atlantic City and Pleasantville. Contact us to schedule your exam. Your gums will thank you!

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