Posts From January, 2017

Broken Tooth? Why a Dental Implant may be your Best Option.

Cracks, chips, and full breaks to teeth can be unexpected surprises you would rather not face. If such an event does occur, know that the team at Mainland Dental Associates is here to help you. Broken teeth, whether at the front or back of the mouth, should be restored in order to prevent infection near […]

Is Chewing Gum Good Or Bad For Your Teeth?

  DID YOU KNOW that the average American consumes 1.8 pounds of gum each year? With so much gum going into our mouths it’s important to know how chewing gum affects our dental health. You may have heard that it’s both good and bad for your teeth… so what’s the real answer? Read on to find […]

4 Tips For A Younger Looking Smile

  THERE ARE COUNTLESS methods we use to try and turn back the clock on our appearance. Whether it’s hip wardrobes and hairstyles or costly cosmetic surgeries, people go to great lengths to recapture the look and feeling of their youth. Despite all of these anti-aging fads and gimmicks, studies show your smile can do more to […]

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